zondag 14 februari 2010


Somewhere in snowy 2010 Rosa stranded with a broken bike somewhere in Amsterdam. She could not go on, until a little bird stopped by who offered her a seat. Rosa and Nina started talking and discovered their mutual love for music. They decided that they wanted to make songs, but there was still something missing. A few days later the sun started shining and Thijs walked in. A guitarplayer who reminds people of Dylan, The Band and the old folk/blues days in America. Together they started making songs about cowboys at sea. They called themselves Bird on the Wire after the beautiful song by Leonard Cohen. They are trying their way to be free and will be ready to take over the world from March 2010!

We are going to record next week. The songs will be on our myspace as soon as possible: www.myspace.com/birdotw. Also we have our first gig! March 18th at Subbacultcha! - Smart Project Space, Amsterdam.

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